Yesenia Says is a special self-initiated project that Yesenia launched in 2020.

Project details:

In 2016 Yesenia experienced a trigger that caused her mood to spiral downward. Within three weeks she became suicidal. It’s terrifying to admit, but she was close to making a permanent mistake. Desperate to get help, Yesenia went to the hospital. It was then that she was diagnosed with several mental health illnesses.

Going inpatient, although daunting and traumatic, has saved her life over and over again. Every time that she’s been confined to a psychiatric ward she’s found that writing in a journal helped her to stay sane. During the last hospitalization she wrote nearly 300 quotes about life and mental health.

Using her imagination and skill set, now’s the time to share the quotes she wrote in the hospital in the best way she know how—with words and images playing together to invoke a feeling from the viewer. Yesenia designed the logo, and artwork for the social media posts. Her goal is for her project to resonate with people, to help them feel less alone, and to build a community. It’s important to be aware of how you feel. Sometimes it’s easier to shut down your feelings. Yesenia is learning to let her feelings guide her, and to remind people to feel their way through life.

She launched Yesenia Says as a platform on Instagram to share her quotes. Yesenia’s life is most fulfilled when she expresses herself creatively. The content on Yesenia Says is conceived, designed, and written by her. The photographs are sourced from Unsplash, a stock photography website where you can download free high-quality images to use in any project. In the near future she’ll also launch other social media accounts, a YouTube channel with beats she’s created for meditation, and a website where you can shop for any of the quotes as prints or on apparel. The pieces you see here are the actual quotes she designed and posted on Instagram.

Ultimately, Yesenia Says aims to show you that we’re more similar than different. It’s you, her, and everyone else sharing the same journey—to live a fulfilling life. Despite the mental health challenges that you may be facing, life will delight you if you stay curious.


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