Who is she?

Yesenia is a dexterous designer, artist by calling & devout for detail.

As a freelance designer, Yesenia collaborates with clients across various industries to create impactful and engaging digital and print assets that drive conversion, brand awareness, and customer loyalty. With over 14 years of experience in graphic design, she has a strong background in design and illustration, and a keen eye for detail, color, and composition.

Her passion for design and creativity stems from her childhood, when she discovered the joy of painting and expressing herself through art. Since then, she has pursued her dream of becoming an artist and designer, and has worked on projects ranging from identity design, branding, web design, book cover design, film, and social media. Yesenia is always eager to learn new skills and tools, and to experiment with different styles and mediums. She enjoys working with diverse and collaborative teams, and communicating effectively and respectfully throughout the design process. Her goal is to deliver creative business solutions that align with the client's vision and objectives, and to exceed their expectations.

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