Lifebook is a book for a creative & thoughtful client who had amassed different kinds of data on his life during 2013.

Project details:

Yesenia collaborated with her client on the theme and organization of his content. Together they brought to life a book that evoked meditative quietness and contemplation. She also designed and illustrated the book from front to back. The front cover was debossed and gold foil-stamped to represent the important calendar days of his life. In the interior there are illustrations that she drew by hand and then made them vector in Illustrator. There’s a special full-spread illustration of her client’s best friends at Coachella that she also hand-drew before creating it vector, making the book feel cohesive and one-of-a-kind.
Front cover:

Chapter opener:

Interior spreads:

Close-up of custom illustration:

Hand-drawn illustration:

Illustration examples: