Wildlands is an apparel brand that takes you to a place where you can be wild & free.

Project details:

What’s freedom without adventure? What’s happiness without the journey? I wondered about these questions and had an idea. Since great ideas aren’t conceived in a silo, I collaborated with my brother on bringing to life a brand that explored these questions. Wildlands was born out of the desire to go to a place where you can be wild and free. You arrive to this destination using your heart as a compass, and discover that this untamed land is embedded in all of us.

I set out to design the logo first. It was important for the logo to feel strong yet slightly imperfect to reflect the concept of being wild. I also embedded orienting arrows within the logo to reinforce the idea that it guides you to Wildlands. I then created three different variations of the Wildlands logo: horizontal, stacked, and a monogram.

For the first t-shirt design, I shot a photograph in Joshua Tree. Using my skills as an artist and designer, I created an image to reflect the freedom in being strange and uninhibited, and how important it is to follow your heart as a compass into unknown territory. I designed the front and back of the t-shirt using the logo in different forms with the artwork cropped in an arc to pull you into the image. I also designed a bucket hat. It compliments the outdoor adventurer vibe of Wildlands. For a pair of joggers, I wanted the Wildlands logo to stand out so I placed the horizontal version across the crotch area. The orienting arrow stands on its own on the bottom.

Last, but not least, I designed a series of posters for Wildlands. I continued playing with the concept of being one with the wild. In one design the monogram is blown up to create interesting shapes and contrast, with the orienting arrow boldly pointing upward as if to say “Take a ride with the UFO.” The second poster follows the same strangeness concept.


Logo variations:

T-shirt artwork:

T-shirt mockup:

Bucket hat mockup:

Joggers mockup:

Poster series: